About Us

EVR Markets is a non-profit farmers market with various fresh produce and local vendors. Our Markets are catered to fit the facilities that we serve. Some of our Markets have 5 booths while others may have 10+ booths depending on the needs of the facility it is serving. We have various Farmers Markets located at hospitals, residential communities, malls, and corporate buildings. We offer healthy farm produce and snacks for the tenants and visitors at the facility to enjoy.


Non-Profit Mission

Our proceeds go to various foundations including LA Fire Department and American Heart Association. We also donate to help animals in needs such as Oceana, Humane Society, and D.E.L.T.A Rescue to name a few.


Our Vendors

We have various vendors from certified farmers, retail, crafts to snacks and beverage vendors.


Our Goal

To provide our farmers markets to various facilities for their tenants and staff to enjoy while allocating proceeds to further improve the community we serve.